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My favourite vegan milk (vegamilk) products

I recently turned to a vegan diet focusing on plant based food after watching two films, one being 'What the Health' and the other 'Forks Over Knives'.

I knew I would need a milk substitute because one of the things I enjoy is cereal at breakfast, and cow milk is now out.

One of the brands I like is So Good soy milk.  It comes in plain, vanilla and chocolate flavors.  This is a good substitute for milk.  There are also other soy milk brands such as Silk and Vitasoy.  Other options I never knew existed were milks such as Almond Breeze.  I haven't tried them all out yet but I plan to.

I will try to keep updating this page.  Right now it is all new but I'm already feeling better after a few days in.

I would also like to find a good vegan ice cream, and good meat substitutes, bbq options, etc.

The Very Good Butchers in BC has some good plant based food options, and they do ship.
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